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Discovering The Joy Within the novel

Discovering The Joy Within the novel

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The pain of losing a child has been said to be the greatest pain next to losing a parent. As a teenager, Jordyn Thomas experiences this devastation times two when she loses her beautiful, twin daughters at the abusive hands of her lover, Carlos. Where life for her should be beginning, for Jordyn she feels that her life is already over.

Lost in a world of depression, the vulnerable teen eventually feels she has found love again in Eric Carter. He's older and more mature than Carlos, and he's also the loving father of two. His kids can never replace her beautiful angels but Jordyn feels that loving them helps her broken heart to heal. Life is once again bearable until she discovers Eric's form of abuse isn't physical; it's verbal. She endures his tongue lashing but in the end, he leaves her for his lover. The stress and heartache lead the expectant mother down a familiar road; miscarriage and yet more darkness and pain.

Surrounded by her own darkness, Jordyn closes her heart to love after having endured physical and emotional abuse. That is until Marcus Brown comes along to heal her broken heart. The third time should be the charm but Jordyn soon discovers that Marcus’ glitter is not gold. What's a young woman to do when every road she takes leads to heartache and pain?
Journey with her as she discovers her joy within, finally realizing that the greatest love of all has nothing to do with loving or wanting to be loved by a man. It's all about the love you receive from The Man upstairs!
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